enfin's reality

i’ll admit

the past few weeks have been very interesting to say the very least.  there has been a lot of change that has taken place- most of which is good.  a new job, new friends, new adventures.  i’m desperately in need of a new living situation, which i suppose is next on the list- but besides that, everything has been decent, to say the very least.

a really nice fourth of july, followed by moonrise kingdom, an easy weekend at work, a trip to the beach, and the Vinland dinner tomorrow.  all good things.  at the same time, i’ve felt relatively violated by a couple people who are supposed to respect me, and thus, i’ve been extremely cautious lately.  most things are taken with a grain of salt now.  maybe that will end soon.  probably not though.

clearly i’m just ready for permanent change.  despite the fact that i’m rather content with 98% of the things that are consuming my life at the moment.


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