enfin's reality

seule vie

it’s been two weeks since i’ve arrived in my homeland, and i can’t even begin to convey how beautiful everything is.  from the greetings i received from family members whom i’d never met, to the eastern coastline, vietnam has exceeded every expectation i had before my arrival.  days have come and gone so quickly- most mornings begin with banh mi and cold meats (not to be confused with the sandwich, banh mi thiet) or pho bo, and always fresh squeezed orange juice and iced coffee with condensed milk.  from there, a good lounge in the hammock follows, while we wait for the temperatures to drop a few degrees.  market trips, burial sites, 15 heinekens before 11am, hue, da nang, riding elephants, riding ponies, petting monkeys, visiting temples, befriending monks, going to the beauty shop, dam soi, phu giao, banh xeo, tiger beer, siestas, co.op, wonderfully long email threads, bear bile shots, duck embryos, stolen toast, di minh level freakouts, wanna fanta, boho skirts, and truly truly truly beautiful compliments, are only the tip of the iceberg.

i’ve learned a lot about myself.  though i did, in part, expect some closure in terms of my father’s death, i haven’t found any.  i’ve only opened more doors which have led to more complications.  family politics, stifled emotions, feeling more myself than ever, drowning in seas of obsolete cacophony.  i want to divulge newfound discoveries, but i cannot even begin to articulate them.  so much has come undone, but so much has been tied up neatly.  it’s a mixed bag.  i don’t know how else to phrase it.  i’ve found myself missing very few things from back home- mainly, a few folks, bard coffee, burgers, yoga pants, work (wtf), and felines.  wine too.  oh, what i’d do for a nice bottle of chilled riesling right now.  alas, all i have at my disposal is heineken… what’s a girl to do?

just a few snap shots i’ve decided to share…

until i’m back in america,



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