i’ll never let you sweep me off my feet

so much to do from now until monday at 5am.  dormir et rever? c’est impossible.  can’t wait to be teased by 90 degree weather for three weeks.  ho chi minh city? here i come.  more and more details of my trip continue to arrive.  cao dai temples, mekong delta, hanoi, statues of buddha, monsoon season, burial sites, family gatherings.  can’t say there’s much else i’d want to do for the next three weeks.  arrivederci us of a.
and here are a bunch of subscripts for a select few:
M: I can’t wait until we can reunite.  Bon Voyage and good luck in England.  We’ll have a patio meal and an early morning adventure upon both of our arrivals back to New England.
Evening jungle games upon my return? Croquet included.  And some confections with Johnny Depp as well.  For real this time.
We form a tarot pack and I’m aware of that.
PS: farewell forever institutionalized learning.

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