enfin's reality

16 10 N, 107 50 E

I’m a bad blogger.  And I don’t care.  This past spring has been ridiculously busy, which has been good for me.  There was certainly a brief hiatus in my journey of introspection, though it has quite recently started again, which is fine in all truth.  I’ve found myself feeling a wide range of things, allowing me to feel more alive than usual.  But I’ve also been disconnected.  From people, from myself, from this place.  And I’ve had no qualms in that regard.

6 days until I leave for Vietnam.  I’m incredibly excited to see a new part of the world, one that is a huge part of who I am.  The journeys that I’ll have over there will always have a place in my mind, and I can’t wait to reflect on them upon my return back to the United States.  In the next 6 days there’s a good deal that I would like to do, but unfortunately I have a serious issue with procrastination.  Maybe I’ll just run on empty until then? That’s fine by me.

In terms of other things- I’m feeling finicky.  I’m content, but I’m not.  I’m tired, but I’m not.  I’m bored, but I’m not.  I guess, when it boils down to it, I’m okay, and that’s all I ever expect to be.  I’ve found myself in nice places and in nice company for the past month or so, and I suppose that’s all that matters.  As long as life continues to provide me with small pleasures, like coffee during the morning, and reading novels in stairwells, I’ll be happy.  It’s not people that give me that, it’s my own experiences that offer the feeling of contentedness.  But so it goes.

Summer is also right around the corner which is a great thing in and of itself.  I’m ready to be relaxed for once.  I’m ready to find a new home with my new roomate.  I’m ready to leave most of this shit behind and do what I enjoy doing.  Working non-stop, doing more cloak & dagger underground dinners.  Nighttime croquet.  Things that make me happy.

You know what a really great combination is? The best American Sparkling and some Friederich Nietzsche.


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