blooming buds

it’s springtime– the ides of march, insane isn’t it? i haven’t posted thoroughly lately because i’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of events that have seemed to consume my utmost attention.  first and foremost, i won’t be in paris or montreal in the fall for reasons out of my control, to that i say, it’s life.  i care, but not enough to be angry or upset or disheartened.  it’s just not my time.  so instead i’ll be here for a bit longer (cue the fucking violins), but at least i’ll be able to focus on getting a firmer foundation in the realm of my passion.  i plan on taking a trip around this time next year to hong kong or eastern europe, and upon return to the US, scope out a new city- san fran or chichi, and start fresh there.  i’m fluid and i’m not going to be stuck in a rut simply because all didn’t go according to plan.  instead i’ll relish my time here, my new responsibilities, my cats, my friends and family and then take the plunge.  but i guarantee this- portland is only a temporary home.  i’m not staying here for more than a year– i need to get out while i can.

emotional bridges have been crossed and have awoken a feeling of sentimentality– though the situation itself is awfully complex.  to state how i feel about everything in that realm would take thousands of words, and i don’t have them.  confusion in regards to actions/motives/behaviors has also been common in the past two or three weeks.  so it goes- life is an enigma afterall.

to all the haters who are going to hate, i give you my blessing.  you clearly don’t like your coffee black.


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