enfin's reality

in the past few days

i might be happy, i’m not entirely sure.  recent events? a 50 degree wednesday a little over a week ago that rendered a picnic in the park, coffee, and a nice read.  a snow-storm that gave me the opportunity to lay in bed reading book after book, with a glass of deux copas, and a whiteout view that anyone would covet.  many cuddle sessions with my baby kitties– loving them without limits.  a purchase for the future- a projector screen to replace televisions (don’t hate me).  an evening spent indulging in tobiko roe, rye bread, creme fresh & dill, fresh pasta, and more copas.  feeling a little sad (don’t feel like talking about it).  dim-sum-a-yum-yum.  losing a motherfucking amazing book… way to go enfin.  THIS WEEKEND: flight to vietnam booked, reunion with meredith (ahem, naptime), and lots of work.

just thought i should pop in and say hi.

xx enfin


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