enfin's reality

in the mud and the blood and the beer

i hate february for the most part.  it’s when i always enter an extended state of torpor and don’t want to do anything but lounge about in bed with blankets, wine, and the beautiful sounds of timber timbre in the background.  but it’s been going a little differently this year.  perhaps the most obvious reason for this is simply the weather.  it’s been fifty degrees more than once, and i’ve had a difficult time not breaking out the sundresses.  besides that, i’d have to say that i feel a lot better about seeing people, doing things, and staying relatively happy.  it’s a welcome feeling, seeing as i had geared up for this february to be especially gloomy.

recently, i’ve been working a good amount– so much that i forget how much i enjoy being in the confounds of my home.  i’ve been eating horribly- hence the reason why after twelve tomorrow i’m starting a weeklong detox, and being a shitty yogi who only stays in child’s pose for 3/4 of class time.  i am not one to particularly enjoy valentine’s day, but this year’s rendered some surprises, which in actuality was entirely necessary– i’ve been happier since.

on top of that, tensions have certainly increased and odd remarks considerably more abundant.  if i’m supposed to take to heart the literal context of what’s been said then i feel as though i just would be spiraling down some weird path.  luckily, i’ve got the words decoded.  it’s not as tricky as one might think.  afterall, you only have one life to live.

classes are off for the week which means i can sleep, read, and drink to my heart’s desire.  after tomorrow, i don’t have work until friday- meaning i’m free day n’ night to do what i please.  hopefully a lot of low-key interactions with folks i’ve been neglecting, and a few whom have had a considerable amount of my attention.  we’ll see if this upward trend continues to heighten.

until then,



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