enfin's reality

it’s awfully cold here

ever since i flipped the page of my calendar from november to december, it’s been frigid out.  even though time and temp read a whopping 48 degrees around noon today, i was busy shivering whilst walking up the street.  my apartment lacks heat, despite several calls to the management, and the three blankets that i’ve had on my bed since early october are no longer bringing me any comfort.  i’m tired of winter already- despite the fact that it hasn’t even begun.  what do i have to look forward to in the month of december, you ask.  a lot of things. actually, the following:

hearing back from auParis, Seattle U, Fordham, and L&C
the end of my final real semester at waynflete
a solstice reservation at Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan
cooking christmas dinner for my entire family, can you say, hello bacon wrapped pork tenderloin?
a local 188/sonny’s christmas bash

but still, december is a month of darkness and blatant chill.  the month of january is also primarily the same thing- with the exception of the 6th, because we all know what that means.  i just hope i can get warmed up this holiday season.  i need to be, especially after how shitty this past autumn was.


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