musings over coffee

my recent life has been, for lack of a better way to put it, unexpectedly nice.  i’ve found good company in enigmatic being, who in short, is capable of making me smile.  i’ve found myself often at peace, no matter the time or date- and though there might only be a slight distinction from this neutrality to torpor, keep in mind, there is a distinction.

examining the ways Fitzgerald incorporates the Cardinal Sins into The Great Gatsby- while drinking my weight in french press coffee.  days have grown considerably shorter, nights a bit longer, and the temperatures are getting nippy, which in and of itself, is a nice change of pace.  I’m going to immerse myself in writing for the remainder of the evening… well, not entirely, for I have a sauce to simmer and a cake to bake and a home to clean, but you should get the point nonetheless.  my documentation skills have degraded to the point where I no longer carry about my camera as if it were my an add on to my keys.  It’s just too heavy and bulky.  And I’m finding satisfaction in being present with the people who make me happy and by myself.  I’m sorry if this is disappointing to you all.


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