enfin's reality, photography

around the bend

nooooo! the only thought that is currently running through my head.  sooner rather than later i’m going to be torn between two lives.  while layers and boots are enticing, this fall altogether is going to be exhausting.  who’s fault is it but mine? everyone’s told me to take it easy, but i stepped it up a notch.  tests, apps, papers, 3 hour sleep schedule… exactly what i need.  let’s start the countdown to mid-years? 105 days.  2520 hours.  switch on the focus, don’t lose sight of the end, make it to december 18th, and i’ll be okay.  this is a delicate balancing act to say the very least.  apologies for the lack of attention i’ll be dedicating to this blog and to vin et grub.  i wish a day consisted of 48 hours.  i’ll be stopping in every once in a while to give sporadic updates, and just remember, that i love you all.

and perhaps the final post-script until 2012: things change.  sometimes you need to leave the things that once brought you happiness.


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