enfin's reality

fall’s here..

not yet! soon enough though, the twisted trees will twist once again, the leaves will fall, pumpkin protein will be pumped into my system, important applications will be sent out, and hopefully, all will be glorious.  especially because i’m not in a glorious place at the moment.  i’m alone.  i’m sad.  i’m tired, and i’m frustrated.  to the people that should be here; a kind and gentle fuck you is uttered under my breath.  to the people that are here; please stay (oh wait, that’s one person…).  last week was such a positive one, in terms of the things i did.  internally i was in a chaotic morphing mess, and i have remained there.  one of my best friends has been absent from my life for a good two weeks, for no reason, apparently.  classes are on the verge of starting once again- and oh, i’ve been working until midnight for the past three days, and have another three days to go.  i don’t want to complain, that’s not what my aim is.  but what i need to do is vent.  i need someone to be here for me, so i can feel like i’m wanted.  i would like it if i found someone to help me move on from this rut, and whisk me off into a tranquil place, where everything is surreal.  i just want to be content, without being done over.  i want my best friend to come back, and to recognize everything they’ve put me through over the past few weeks.  i want to be alright.


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