enfin's reality

i’m not getting paper

my time spent in franconia after the fact, was wonderful.  in addition to the white mountains, i made a visit to the green mountains, spent the night in the most wonderful of homes, and woke up to a sunrise unmatched by all others.  driving down the highways of vermont at 5 in the morning, was perhaps one of the most beautiful drives i’ve ever taken.  the sun barely peaking up over the rolling hills, and the steam rising off of the icy lakes not only inspired me, but sent chills up my spine.

all i needed was the coziest of sweat pants, my henry james, the best smoothie, and some lovely jams to allow me to settle into my seat for the two hour drive.  waking up early can be boiled down to these necessities, and with these things comes happiness.

after a bittersweet goodbye breakfast with a wonderful friend in franconia, i walked four miles to sugar hill and made myself comfortable in bette davis’s old cottage.  a little bit of sunshine mixed with local maine brews and some awful television filled my afternoon until i was whisked away back to maine, which i inwardly protested.  having been back close to a week, it’s still heart-wrenching to be torn away from a place where i was at peace with myself.  i’ve seen people who i’ve wanted to see, and while it’s been nice, there’s something enticing about hiding out in the summer.  sometimes i just want to forget the world and be completely present with myself.  that however is near impossible, though perhaps someday i will achieve that state of being.


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