enfin's reality

it’s my pleasure

it’s been way too long, i know, i know- but i’m back aaand i’m here to stay.  happy may everyone- yeah i’m aware i’m 22 days late, but i’d like to say happy may anyway.  the weather has been wretched, might i add, there’s been little to no sun, and this makes me quite sad.

i just want the summer to hurry up.  this past week has been quite blissful.  i like that school’s nearing an end, and that i’m free all summer to do what i want, work where i like, and those sorts of things.  beach days everyday makes me smile just when i start to think about it.  besides that, i’m just counting down to exams– this week marks the beginning of review (!) and then school’s out.

I have a feeling that the summer is going to be a great one to say the least- let’s hope i’m right about that.  i want to update this blog more often- seeing as i focus a lot of my attention of vin et grub (which will soon be undergoing a makeover!!!).  so now that free time is beginning to surface, expect to see more of me on here.




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