Perhaps I’ve done this once or twice before, but a recent post on 9mm’s blog made me think about one of my best friends, and thus gave me the idea for this post.  Transferring into my new school was certainly intimidating and overwhelming for me.  It’s incredibly small, and the people who attend are pretty different in comparison to those whom I surrounded myself with for the past two years.  The social circles are incredibly tight knit, and while many people were really welcoming, I oftentimes felt like there was just something missing from our friendships.  There is, however, one person who I’ve never felt that way with.  From the day we started talking to one another, we’ve been our true selves, and I’ve never felt as though he’s doubted our friendship.

Daniel is basically a mix of all my past best male friends that I’ve had ever since kindergarten.  He’s provocative, endearing, funny, intelligent, and quite deep.  For quite sometime there were a lot of boundaries in our friendship- but they were eventually broken down, and we’ve become really close in the past few months.  Dan is the friend that I talk to everyday- who I’m comfortable with no matter the case.  Despite the fact that we pretend to be judgmental of one another, we’re really not, and furthermore, the one thing we both strive to do, is be there for one another.

Our friendship started on unusual terms- and up until last month or so, neither of us were aware of many really basic facts/aspects of one another’s lives.  But our foundation is still quite strong, and we both have admitted how much we both appreciate our friendship.  It’s a bit different than most Waynflete friendships- because for one, we’re a bit different than most Waynflete kids.  We’ve both recently come into the school, and our upbringings have certainly differed from many of our peers.

Dan is the kind of guy that just makes me laugh- even when I’m not in the mood to do so.  His comments can be over the top, but there’s just something about the way he’ll say things that will either strike me as funny, or hit a serious cord.  He can evoke a lot of emotions, without necessarily trying- but then is always ready to help me through whatever I’m feeling.  Dan doesn’t really give too much care into what others think of him, and I’m similar in that aspect.  With that being said, we’ve both come to the conclusion that our friendship is one of the only things that are keeping us held together through our junior year.  Thus the very fact that we both consider our friendship to be mutually important, neither of us are insecure about how the other might feel.  I’m really glad that I can called Daniel my friend, because he means a lot to me.  So here’s to you Danikins! D’awww meow meow -pokepoke- Friendzzzz fuuuurrrr lyyyfeeeeee.


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