enfin's reality

b mine

sorry i’ve been MIA.  this week has been a hailstorm of negative energy to be entirely honest.  I’ve had moments of absolute euphoria, but for the most part, things have been below mediocre, and i’ve been really irritable.  in addition, i’ve just acquired some sort of malady and could barely walk today.  thankfully tomorrow is friday, but that means weekend, which means waking up early to no relief. but that’s fine because i like going to work.  saturday i’m going to a Love Party and making homemade pasta for sammy blue eyes, and sunday i’m doing a late Yin yoga class.  i just know that i want to take it relatively easy especially after last weekend.  february break is right around the corner (yes!), and i have plans to go to montreal for a few days to visit a close friend and look at concordia and mcgill.  i’m happy that i’ll get to sleep at least a little, and maybe i’ll spend a day up at sugarloaf too, which would be nice.  this is a pretty ridiculous post- i’m sorry, but soon i’ll get back in the habit and have some nice things to say.

have a happy friday?



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