enfin's reality

i like my coffee black

and i like those suddens surges of energy that come at the most unexpected times.  today was one of those days where i felt like i had enough energy to power everyone around me.  laying in bed right after my alarm went off, i thought about doldrums to be honest- nothing worthwhile, nothing inspiring, nothing of merit.  but i drained my mind of the thoughts that tend to plague me during my normal days.  but now after classes, after an intense yoga class, and while i’m on the brink of doing four hours of homework and spending the evening with my brother, i just can’t help but want to close my eyes and curl up, waiting for winter to pass- until spring comes and shines her endless sunshine on my face.  this lack of vitamin d is not what i need, nor am i in any position to be consistently tired, but that’s the routine i’m bound to start again.

hopefully today passes, hopefully the snow doesn’t hurt the innocent, and hopefully hopefully i will wake up and carpe diem.


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