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a 6-day vacation…plus some politics

I’m just sitting here, drinking my iced G7 coffee, in my pajamas, reading a bit of Angelou, when I start to think about the current state of things around me.  I haven’t been to school since Tuesday (Wednesday was a snow-day and I was sick for the past two days), and because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day I don’t have classes on Monday.  Not to mention there is of course a strong possibility of another snow-day on Tuesday- but we’ll see, I won’t push my luck for a 7 day vacation.

While nothing exciting has happened recently in my life, I was able to find some controversy that I could emerge myself in, but now, when I stop and look back at the controversy I am absolutely disgusted, for a few reasons.  Before I list the reasons, I’ll clarify the controversy- though I shouldn’t even label it as a controversy seeing as it’s irrefutable on one side, and all in all, it’s entirely disgraceful.  This problem, this issue, is named, Paul LePage.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of him.  LePage was elected by a slim margin to the Governor’s office of Maine back in November.  At that point, I was absolutely terrified, enraged, confused- you name a negative adjective, I was feeling it.  LePage is hardly qualified for the job, seeing as the past two governors in the state of Maine have been politically correct, kind, and effective (John Baldacci & Angus King).  LePage is known as the notorious manager of Mardens- you know, that store with the catchy jingle (ya should have bought it when you saw it at MAAAARDENS!!), and graduated from the University of Maine with a MBA in business.  I’m not going to insult or comment on the career he held for most of his life- ie the management job at Marden’s, I’ll let you do that, but if one just examines his qualifications in regards to his education, it’s evident that he is hardly qualified or knowledgable to be holding the power of Governor in the year 2011. Anyway, ever since he entered the political arena, there has been a hailstorm of controversy following him like a malicious tornado that has no intention of bipartisanship, in fact the only intention his controversy has is to deepen the divide between democrats and republicans in the state of Maine- which s pretty deep to begin with.  One of his most nationally recognized quotes is “I’d tell Obama to go to hell…” and as of yesterday, his inappropriateness and his overwhelming since of bias was made public once again.  The NAACP had invited the governor to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Holiday at their annual event- a breakfast, with an additional visit with black prisoners at the Maine State Prison.  LePage never responded to either invitation, and when asked by a member of the press why he declined the NAACP’s invitation, he responded, “They can kiss my butt.”  Someone with such an elementary vocabulary ought not be running a state- even though Maine’s average SAT scores are 40-50 points below the national average.  By expressing such arrogance, such utter carelessness, what does LePage expect to accomplish? Does he know the example that he is setting? On the weekend of the national holiday that represents racial healing in the United States, why would an elected official make such an atrocious, borderline racist comment, and then try to defend himself by saying, “I’m not racist, you can go to my house and see that I have a black son…” That is the other appalling thing.  The fact that a person can adopt a child doesn’t mean that they’re racially tolerant.  In fact, by claiming he’s not racist because he has a black son shows just how racially ignorant he is.

So as a resident of the state of Maine, I can tell you honestly, that I am outright disgusted by our Governor’s comments.  I am ashamed, embarrassed, and completely offended.  This sort of regress shouldn’t be taking place in 2011, especially in Maine which has already had a tumultuous history with racial equality.  His lack of eloquence (just because it was a short comment does not coincide with eloquence for those who may disagree), his lack of political correctness, his ignorance, arrogance, lack of respect, and clearly lack of knowledge about what is acceptable to say in public, is a disgrace.  Another adjunct, that I find incredibly wretched is the fact that LePage claims he doesn’t support special interest groups (this was one of his reasons for declining the NAACP’s invitation) yet today- the day immediately preceding his obscene and uncalled for comments, he is attending an anti-abortion rally.  So much for staying true to your word, LePage.  Maybe you ought to go back to managing Marden’s- I think that’s the safest place for you.  + if there is even a mention of constructing that nuclear power plant LePage has been mentioning, I will seriously remove myself from this state, never return, never look back, and do everything I can to ensure that another corrupt tea-bagger never wins another political seat again.


4 thoughts on “a 6-day vacation…plus some politics

  1. I live in Texas, but your writing carried me through your very passionate blog. AND, I couldn’t agree more. When you mentioned he was the one to tell Obama …., I know exactly who you were talking about. Very disrespectful and not helpful at all! hang in there -Kim

    • Thank you Kim! It’s just terrible that the state of Maine is represented by such an ignorant man. His words effect the entire state’s reputation regarding racial equality and the regress that he’s expressed is only applicable to the minority of Mainers! In general, we’re a rather liberal body of people, open-minded, equality seeking, but LePage is making us out to seem like biggots.

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