enfin's reality

the way you move ain’t fair you know

i’m starting this off with a brief apology regarding the month of september and my lack of posts.  i’ve been quite busy, and unable to do proper posts, which i’m sure is an excuse that’s getting old.  but i feel like i needn’t say much more so i can just get down to business.


i’m here in bethlehem, new hampshire, and for the past few days i’ve been moving about from here to franconia to vermont.  it’s been quite the weekend, because i’ve been visiting A! the busride up was pretty brutal, 5+ hours sitting uncomfortably, though i was able to finish all of the most recent edition of gastronomica, and all my homework.  we’ve been antiquing, and eating, and going to hippie parties.  today we’re planning on going to the farmer’s mkt in littleton, going for pancakes at polly’s, and then to a few more antique stores.  i’m rather content with this current situation.  the upcoming week is going to be rather rigorous for i’m missing two and a half days, so as far as catching up with work, who knows how it will possibly be achieveable?

i can’t wait to see my kittehs, and to bake cookies with lyllie on tuesday.  earl grey all the way.  happy autumn, and happy year anniversary to enfinoui!




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