enfin's reality

since coming home from overseas, i’ve declared media to be entirely ridiculous.  all the tv provides is excess chatter and distraction from the here and now.  i will be tv free for as long as my singularity lasts.  what more do i need besides 4 hours of homework, an hour of yoga, cooking, and contemplation? camraderie is a bonus, though i assume in the next month, it will be a rare one.  while cambridge proves to be my home away from home, i am sensing that over the course of the month, i will be spending more time here than i will be in portland.  how is that for staying local?

as if my life couldn’t get any more simplistic? school has already taken over, and on this wonderful crisp autumn night, finding myself in cambridge, i am sitting with a tall glass of piping hot vietnamese coffee, a stack of algebra II homework, and the beginning to an essay over northanger abbey- jane austen’s only masterpiece.

i suppose tomorrow will bring more pleasure than pain.  sunday brunch with all the folks, adventures in cambridge, and a long ride home, where i’ll find myself for five days until i once again make the commute back to j.p. to stay the weekend.  monday’s a big day.  two quizzes, an inclass essay, activity sign ups, and p.a. begins.  oh, what joy.




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