enfin's reality

mutiny aboard

damnit.  today, 10/09/07 was the start of my school year.  while i enjoyed most of the day, there was enough fault to put me in a sour mood as of late.  firstly, chemistry bored me.  i will never take a liking to chem, nor the lab, nor the work.  immediately post-op chem, i went to yoga, and i relaxed, took my meditative breaths and felt as though no chem had ever happened.  that is until i made my way into photoshops to pick up my film from SOUTH KOREA that i have been awaiting for what seems like… ever.  anyway, i had been preparing myself for the worst situation- 4 blank rolls.  and even though i kept warning myself not to get my hopes up, there was a small part of me that insisted that all 4 rolls would be parfait, and that i would be dropping $40.  well, as always, that was not the case.  TWO rolls were blank.  TWO ROLLS.  probably really wonderful rolls too, come to think of it.  one roll had a picture of steve, and a bunch of shots from sinchon.  another roll had the artist’s market and seoul tower.  i am devastated to say the least.  especially since the really good shots of NORTH KOREA were on one of the blank rolls.  perhaps i should give more thought to this.  my heart seems to break oh so often, and i am getting tired of the pain.  in addition, i am sour because i have a lot of homework.  welcome back to hell, enfin, it’s just in a prettier building.  in fact, you’ll have more shit to deal with.

— don’t get me wrong, i like my new educational institution much more than i liked the old one… but who wants to go back to school after a summer like this past one? PAS MOI.


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