enfin's reality

check mate

it’s still there.  that hole in my heart.  my jet lag has decided to stay with me a bit longer than it should, so i’ve been sleeping from 5pm to 4am.  Not the best schedule, seeing as it’s been rainy and dismal ever since I returned to the good ol’ us of a.  and because i’m running from routine, I am currently stationed in cambridge, and then i return to portland for a few days.  come tuesday i’m running up to katahdin, where i will canoe and hike and camp and photograph.

i can’t get over the culture shock.  i’m a fan of the asthetic, and the scenes i’ve been observing as of late have done little for me.  back in seoul, everything was pleasant.  people dressed well, the sidewalks were clean, the mountains gorgeous, and the sky, no matter how hazy, somewhat mystical.  i miss the people, their touches, the sound of foreign speech, the flavors, the scents, the no room to breathe, the humidity, the stores, the characters, the rush you would get just walking in a new area.  i miss it all.  so much turns into so little.  life seems irrelevant now.  and the people who i am surrounded by are not those i had been with.  i miss the had been withs.  i need to break out of the East coast, and travel til my heart’s content.


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