enfin's reality

white wine and sunflowers

through my hands drips the summertime, quickly, and unable to be defeated.  hours and days fly by, and with each new morning comes a new adventure.  camping was unreal- so refreshing, and necessary.  i come back rejeuvenated and blissful.  alpha/beta crews reaped havoc and had many irreplaceable escapades.  and not to brag, but we lived the high life.  fresh oysters on our boat, sunbaths, 11 days of gorgeous weather, sea-kayaking to an island privee, and beach fires.  of course the folks i surrounded myself with were great- and i’m happy that we’ve become close over the past month.

but i also have had a few adventures since.  bumming around portland with m and mr. i, eating at boda, sitting under trees, watching the sunset.  but even more recently- running off to yarmouth, perusing the tracks, jumping off the 40ft tressel, river swims, and night rides.  i’m so happy right now, i wouldn’t want to change anything.  i’m headed to korea in 12 days, which is still a bit unreal for me.  thankfully i’ll be in the company of two cool cats and many others.  boston for a week beginning the 24th, and then a long weekend camping near cadillac.  Oh how i adore the summer season.


postscriptum: i shnagged a pretty sweet book last evening- white wine for dummies.  that’s riight.


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