enfin's reality


rise and shine, 6am, paella, camping, sunshine rays,

jumpin’ off docks, oysters on boats, sailin on the high seas,

alpha/beta squad, greek yoghurt, sunbaths, fris, crunching granola,

happy endings, floods, stitches, kayaking to remote islands, co-ops,

taoism, good camraderie, supertramp, are you hot mama?, snuggles,

asshole/president, minigolf, the ocean, tofu, bugbites, sea-legs,

morning swims, g-sesh, zenning out, being sneaky, saving the world,

quarry diving, baby spinach, film, sitting in the middle, maaahlliiiiii,

no baths, beach fires, nighttime stars, chubby bunny/s’mores, MIA,


what better way could i have spent two weeks?


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