enfin's reality

beaucoup is how they say it in the NO


good morning.  i’m up at 10am on a summer morning- which is a first, because i enjoy spending my days being lazy and tired and sleepy and what not.  i suppose i’m up this early because for the past week i’ve been waking up at 5am, or the crack of dawn, and haven’t been going to bed until at least 1 in the morning.  that after-trip “depression” is really sinking in, and i’m incredibly blue- which just might make me want to bake some popovers or something along those lines.  the downside to that, is my little flat will get so incredibly hot, that i won’t be able to take it.  i have to work 3-7:30 today, then i’m off to SPACE to see ted leo & the pharmacists, which i’m really excited about- seeing as i’ve awaited this concerto since i first heard about it.  a little bit ago, i realized i had to write down the dates i’d be gone this summer- and right now it’s not looking promising.  my july has no room whatsoever, besides a few straggler days, but i’m gone for a 12 camping trip in bristol/stonington, and then i have 7 days to relax before headed to seoul.  honestly, i’m so excited, because i really love to be engaged and busy and having fun, and this summer, so far has been just that.  i’m looking to book a flight from PWM to New Orleans come end of august, but i don’t know how that will turn out, because i have a feeling my posse will be in school.  i can keep my fingers crossed though, because i don’t want to wait until mardi gras to come down.  what to do for the remainder of the week? read i suppose.  maybe if i do all my homework now, i can even try to get down to new orleans from the first of august until the fifth or something.  at this point, what i know is that i will be down in the N O this summer to see everyone, and then i will be spending as little time in portland as humanly possible.



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