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dearest capricorn


the end of this dark tunnel is nearing an end, only six days left, 4 of which are dedicated to exams.  its unfortunate, the importance of tests, because i am a rather wretched test-taker.  sure, i’m talented when writing papers, but studying, memorizing, and acing tests are not my forte.  thus far, the first week of june has been quite nice and carefree.  tuesday i worked pretty late in the darkroom with my evy – lew and then traveled home and made curry. wednesday, i went to the farmers mkt with mr i, where we splurged on free range pork, apples, ginger, dill plants, geraniums, zinnias, radishes, and apricots.  at the flat, i made our lunch, which was honey soy apple glazed pork, with roasted apples, radishes, potatoes in a delicate cream maple sauce. after mr i left, i went to therapy for the first time in over two months. it was worthwhile, but i felt as though all we talked about was exams and my upcoming summer. i shot a roll of tri-x yesterday as i walked around town too. after classes today, i stayed rather late- until 4:30 actually, so i could make a bit of progress on my water colour of the chateau, and then chat with my english professor about 100 years of solitude and our lives. i drew a bath filled with grace scented bubbles and home-grown basil leaves strewn about, which was followed by lemon infused water and my LUSH regiment.  i cleaned too, and ate a bit of greek yogurt and listened to cat stevens.

rain rain go away. i decorated my pretty pink princess chair. oh, i’m so ready for summer.



2 thoughts on “dearest capricorn

    • Yeah, they’re actually one of my favorite veggies to cook with! Also- thanks for your review on Sabieng, my mother and I went a few weeks ago, and we totally agree- so far the best thai food in all of portland!

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