enfin's reality

a plethora of elixirs

haze and relentless rain have made their way to portland, just in the middle of this ever so wretched week. the countdown has officially begun, and spring fever has been diagnosed.  yesternight i found myself napping- which as i thought would be detrimental- proved to be just that. one would think i’d be getting ready for bed at an early hour because ever since the beginning of this month i was so emotionally fatigued and i’ve yet to have the proper amount of time to revive myself.  i am finding that the majority is dwelling in melancholy, but there are also some who are not letting the elements get inside of them.  lately i’ve been pondering time- reality and duration.  both are two different forms- reality is progression- what is happening now, what has happened, and what will happen.  duration is the time one keeps themselves; i don’t want to confuse them with one another- because time, even though some claim its a man made notion, is down-right terrifying.

my hair is still in the nest its been in for the past twenty days, and i want to suffice my stomach with eating my greek yogurt and sipping my tea.  this day is going by slowly, but its difficult to find distractions.  things are piling up, but i haven’t wanted to face them for a bit, so i suppose, i’ll dive into work at some point soon.  a few days and i’m done.  as of friday, it’s 2 weeks until i’m free.  two weeks until the deities have proved their greatness.  two weeks until i have zero inhibitions.  bless my eyes, braid my hair, and let me sleep and recover and drink my almond milk.



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