enfin's reality

sentiments & pbrs


first summer party was this evening out on the island. mr. I accompanied me, and we filled our stomachs with delicious food like curried rice & fresh tomatos and dry-rubbed turkey.  we drank quite a bit of crappy beer, balanced with quite nice conversation, and found ourselves at enzo’s at 11 eating pizza and then watching SNL.

we were celebrating. celebrating our upcoming summer and how we’re going to have the time of our lives.  almond milk iced coffees, nimbus clouds, mid-afternoon cocktails on ships and endless laughs.  twas quite the day being in company with all those i have loved for quite some time. getting ready to comb out this birds nest that i refer to as my hair, and curl up with some tea, or maybe, on a night like this, pinot grigio, and fall asleep listening to some m.ward being one of those hipster posterchilds.

camera was worthless today- seeing as it had zero batteries and zero memory card. nice job enfin, you succeeded once again in documenting the very best of maine.  on a post script, i’ve decided that i’m just so enthused to be living how i’ve been living for the past month or so, and as far as changes go, i don’t care if they happen or not.  everything is all good because i’ve been content with everything that’s gone on.  waking up in 8 hours to greek yogurt, honey & mangoes and a reading excursion on the roof.

thank you deities.

love enfin.

ps: don’t mix the ribbon with sailing and rubber jelly sandals (worst idea in a long time)



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