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today is a day of recovery… especially from last evening.  leaving & scouring for vintage and falafel and then a good long writing and reading sesh, accompanied by some research.  my cough is getting worse and that’s a sure sign that i need to get healthy as soon as i can.  can’t miss classes before finals- just isn’t suiting.  enjoying the sun on the roof for a little while before it disappears and trying, oh so desperately to prepare for the upcoming week.  a little excerpt from last evening:

enfin: yeah my grandmother- a 65 year old petite vietnamese woman, has had an identity crisis since her living in the US.  recently, she really thinks she is a ghetto black lady who watches cops and refers to me as her cracka.

anne: oh i know. it seems as though all asian cultures drop their traditions and mold to the US way of life.  i’m referred to as yellow.  my other friend as blacki khaki, and then my chinese friend? fortune cracker.  my cousins however, they think they gotta keep it asian- whereas whenever i see an asian male, i’m just like, oh shit, he’s related to me.  doesn’t matter if he’s korean, or chinese, or japanese- i’m not too picky choosy.

enfin: exactly! the asian men wonder why we don’t date them, it’s because we’ve been taught that everyone who is remotely asian is related to us in one way or another.

anne: yes! incest… obviously is frowned upon here, yet over in asia….

enfin: anything goes.




2 thoughts on “revival

    • I am a quarter asian- but I’m curious as to where in this post you gather that I am more asian than I lead on? My grandmother was born and raised in Vietnam… and yes, my mother is indeed Irish!

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