enfin's reality

happy accidents


synthesizers, intricate meals, rolls of film, nag champa, and fiddleheads. i’ve just barely survived the week- and all i can say is that i’m so enthralled its over.  today i realized something about happy accidents- they can never happen too often. you know, when you run into a ghost of the past, or you spill red paint all over your black canvas and realize that it looks pretty wunderful. i took an afternoon nap, and now i’m just so happy. this weekend is absolutely fantastic- seeing as i will be on peaks for a bit to document a party, and then go to bela’s for tea and porch time.  i listened to closing time today during my lunch break (which i spent reading some of freud’s best work) that was my happy accident. so perhaps i’ll have some more happy accidents this weekend. and tonight- well, we’ll see what goes down.




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