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blooming season


oh moon- what wonderful, half-hearted moon. can’t describe what kind of mood this is. perhaps… in-fucking-furiated. i hate arguments, especially when the other person is too caught up in listening to what they’re talking about opposed to listening to the other person’s POV. i’m sick of all this month has to offer. i’m tired of most people, i’m dreading school more and more each day-and i just feel like i’m slowly losing control of this situation. observation in regards to 5/4/2010: i hate manipulative people who pull cheap cards in the midst of an engaging altercation- one that ought NEVER be used in a nice clean fight, those kids who are high-school crazed (by this I mean, those you see on your way to work, who are wearing onesie pajamas and have their faces painted blue & white for spirit week, or those who insist on wearing their uniform everytime they have a home game, or even those who just don’t seem to get that after high school you go onto to bigger and better doldrums) disgust me, words are more powerful than they may appear, and it looks as though lately my luck has been taking a hiatus and nothing i am hoping for is happening- my best friends are disappearing, and i am getting more and more anti-social as the spring moves on. too bad i suppose. although, could i care any less? probably not.  oh yeah, and to the north deering kids of HR: 107, joke’s on you. i have a tattoo and i’m proud of it, bitches.


excerpt of a poem by EE Cummings

(While you and i have lips and voices which
are for kissing and to sing with
who cares if some oneeyed son of a bitch
invents an instrument to measure Spring with?

that is some genius poetry my friends.  thank buddah i have one person i can count on for using their creative license properly.

& what do you do with the pieces of a brokenn hearrrt?

nothing. you let them stew. and you cry. and everything that’s typical of homo sapiens. too bad i forget what a broken heat feels like. i’m basically done with homework for the rest of the week. wow. its not like i have anything else to do either. by the way- happy early cinco de mayo.



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