enfin's reality

mr. charles bukowski

who knew that it would be so difficult to find ham on rye in manuscript form? i didn’t. anyway.

i like dis stuff:

springtime breaks, lemongrass, homegrown and harvested tea, brunch, fancy people dressed in black, haus parties, white wine, tattoos, sunshine on the seashore, driving into rural areas, dense pieces of literature, packing light, the distinct smell of arabica’s french roast, scouring the congo, sleeping with a quilt, open windows, deserted playgrounds, nighttime picnics, worthwhile short stories, oh dad poor dad mama’s hung you in de closet and i’m feelin’ so sad, sending in rolls of film & the wait that accompanies it, shock value, old school rap, gritz and kale, legumes, diana ross, johnny hobo and the freight trains, anarchy, the underside of the iceberg of culture, temps, FSU (as in fuck shit up), bandanas, hula-hoop, little ethel slowly making her way up a small incline, cats, quiet, popping bubblewrap when i should be working, bareback streets, starving artists, crowns of all sorts, bike rides, walking, vintage pieces that fit perfectly, black heels, big earrings, tights, grass, straw hats, matchbooks, bonfires, trips to unknown places, being in company of enjoyable people, putting up a fight, dissin’ the admin, criticism, used book stores, history in print, exchanges en francais, sensations of adrenaline, piercings, grunge, hating hipsters, making a point, the devil’s advocate, word etyomologies, charles bukowski, friedrich nietzsche, swimming in casco bay, music, 70s dance parties, nag champa, greek salads, power yoga, skinny jeans, sundresses, being completely refreshed.

i plan on:

going to chick-fil-A, riding dirty in the dirty south, speaking cambridge english, sunbathing, adventuring, singing, sleeping, saving strays, developing film, writing stories, finishing stories, reading stories, cooking lots and lots of delicious food, beach trips, biking around, arboritum.


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