enfin's reality

wild goose chase


so oh ho. i feel as though i’ve started a trend… staying up late, waking up early, rinse repeat, xyz. anyway, today, tuesday, rainy. tomorrow or is it today? wednesday, clearing, confusing. the show was absolutely lovely. i realized i should have taken a few pictures with my digital camera, but i took a good amount on my Ricoh, so when i finish this roll of film (colour…ick) i will send ’em out, and scan ’em up so you can see the beautiful people of dark dark dark in EAST portland. but it was a good show, besides the transportation getting to SPACE (seeing as it was torrential downpours and riotous winds). bright bright bright is better than alright, although i do have to admit, Snow Magic is one of my favorite records (maybe of all time).  besides the show, i bought film, and a lot of coffee, and i considered buying batteries (but i didn’t) and i almost finished a painting.  the rain tires me out, even if i lay in bed all day.  i guess i’m looking forward to next saturday and then april 24th. and also any day i can sleep in, because i’m lacking on that front right now.

i know this will make many of you sad, but can we just hope that it rains all day so i don’t have to go practice? i’d rather come home, do a bit of work, cook a lemon basil cake, and go to bed. cross yer fingers.

yesterday was: nice altogether because of dark x3, cafe noir, pinot noir, messy hair, silence gnawing at my head, x’s, and hugs from trout.



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