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zombie blood

first day all week that i have woken up before 7:20am.  thanks to trout.  i stayed awake for quite sometime, close to one but all for good cause! i made a big dent in the story that i’ve been working on for quite some time.  i’m hoping to finish it today! riding bike, taking photos, surviving hell. simple to do list. maybe even nap. who knows what today will bring.  let’s just hope good stuff, because i had another nightmare last night.

i was in my grandmother’s herb garden, picking basil for her, along with bok choy (why it was in an herb garden, i don’t know) and she was going to make me something tasty.  when i got inside and passed by the vegetable (grandfather on couch) and the dogs, i found my grandmother sobbing on the floor.  i turned around because i felt uncomfortable seeing her cry and when i looked back at her she was dead.  is this the anxiety my therapist was talking about? i’m getting really excited to get my tattoo in Quebec! i also have decided, officially that i’d like another stud in my nose.

we’ll see how long it takes me to make enough cash to pay back loans, pay for the ink sesh, and piercing comes last.

im feeling: happy! also i’m feelin’ like my story will appear!



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