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sense and sensibility

this past week went by way too fast.  life has caught up with me, and i have been feeling as though time has been slipping through my fingers.  today- saturday, i am so tired.  i slept a total of four hours, but that’s average for a weekend.  i think the only reason why i’m feeling this way is because of the position that i slept in.  wedged between meredith and trout, i could barely move, but que sera, sera.  a recollection of yesterday of yesternight, and of today thus far.  perhaps not even in that order!

m came to classes and we didn’t do too much learning. in addition to not learning, we consumed ample amounts of provisions (ie, toast, roastbeef, sushi, shumai, mussels, chicken sandwiches, and pecan pie).  we watched ample amounts of movies- ie dead poet society, where the wild things are, and amelie.  we built sheet forts, well… i built sheet forts (which miraculously collapsed on top of me around4 am).  i’m out of my incense stash, i couldn’t add to my stories, and my back needs to be cracked…desperately.  i attempted to cash a check at the bank but they were closed.  i drove to falmouth and then to brunswick all to hear my little cousin announce that he does not love me.what a wonderful way to start a saturday.  tonight there are translucent plans- kris klark’s vinyl benefit at SPACE, but i am not 100% sure i will be going (although I do in fact, want to go).  i’ve confirmed my appointment to get latin inked on me. so happy. quebec is coming up soon, and the end of the third quarter is too.  i just want to get down to NC, see m and m-sr. and not have to worry about anything.


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