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the third man

saturdays always seem to go by too fast- its a shame really.  over course, today was a mediocre day. not much happened. i did watch the third man- hence the title of the post & i quite enjoyed it.  i would’ve enjoyed it more if it had been raining out, with pink sky, pinot noir, goat cheese & gouda sandwiches, nag champa, and a warm entity next to me.  but i really enjoyed the filming, especially the inclusion of shadows! and black and white movies are always the best (so what was i expecting?) tomorrow is the mixed tape partttaaay. meredith was here today. we bought celebratory hats and ate at norms go figure! besides that nothing really happened. which has been fine by me.  i may even do my homework tonight because i have a good amount of energy, and i’m borderline tired.  what did you do this saturday? (oh yes, sunday scribblings post this week is terrible, so i may post a fiction piece tomorrow & i may not…we’ll see!)

enfin love.


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