regulated marilyn monroe thought processes

tonight ended up being unpredictable. sort of.

i got dinner with the dear I, and then after eating (at norms obvious) we went and saw Avatar in 3D! it was pretty sweet, but my eyes hurt after i had to take those glasses off, and i got sad because i found the plot to lack substance. overall, it was a good action-y type film, but nothing i’d watch more than twice.

acdecath, i have no idea the results- i’ll say it that simply. oh and its also brinking on being awake for 22 hours, so my vocabulary has diminished.  i’ll find out how i did for ac decath monday- and i don’t really care. i’m curious as far as debate goes- i’d like to know how we fared. i think i’m going to rest.

i’m feeling: tired, exhausted, sore, excited for friday (and so begins the countdown), the snow/rain/fog sort of thing hitting my bare skin. marilyn’s legs are making too much noise- perhaps the clock will shut off.



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