laughing at mad cow.

the metronome has followed me to this terrible competition, where opponents wield knowledge and guillotines- as if both were normal. there’s a constant ticking in the room i’ve been sitting in for two plus hours. the multiple choice packets are mocking me, bringing up information that remains unlearned in my ill-developed mind. economics? math? both are not my forte. the speech? i could have died. time restrictions are not welcomed kindly in my mind. i’ve utterly failed thus far, and i have 7 hours to go. what shall i do when i get out of this torture chamber? out on the town i presume. but that always consists of the same thing- either norms or anthonys, and i’ve gone to norms x2 in a row, and anthonys- dont want to consume their greasy food.
i hate the french revolution with every particle that i am comprised of.
i think i lost an atom…. are you positive?
i can hear these incredibly smart (supposed intellects) over the blast of my ipod. i’m sorry, but that is just unacceptable.
what to do tonight?
welcome home headache. thank god i didn’t take this too seriously.
last night? i don’t quite recall. norms i remember. good wings and salad. good company. rewriting my speech? NOT THE BEST IDEA.
i ended up saying that the waltz was the one dance that represents me. s’cuse me, that makes zero sense. i’m not the waltz. i’m not classical…but in reality, i am. OH NO!


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