do you mister jones?




today is a day where I want to be inspired…today was the day where I was reasonably productive…today was a day where I drank too much cocoa…today was a day where I didn’t learn that much…today was the day that I could have changed the world…and tomorrow is the day where I could do the same.  Tomorrow is the beginning of my life- and it’s the start of my revolution.  i thought about what I want for the upcoming commercialized luv day- or so I call it, and that is, if I had myself a commercialized lover- or any lover that is, seeing as I don’t have one, but yes- what would I want? Well, I’m not your typical box-of-chocolates and a dozen long stem rose kind of girl.  I don’t want a fancy night out with bubbly, (although, at this moment I do want bubbly) fancy restaurants, and impassioned love.  I don’t want to see the colors pink, purple or red for a while actually.  I don’t want the generic love story.  This is what I want: a day spent at Arabica sipping cocoas and teas, reading philosophy by Nietzsche and Camus, going to Strange Maine in search for Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan and anything else that may strike our fancy, sneaking into our haven, underneath the victorian adorned covers, burning incense and staying warm.  Bubble-y baths with Plantation mint on the side, newspaper cut out hearts, and for food, simply takeout thai with lots of spring rolls, pad thai, rice, and dumplings.  Rose infused champagne would also be nice, and hardcore knitwear cladding us both.  Too bad I don’t have a Valentine.  Maybe they would have enjoyed my wish too.. but that’s just a FANTASY-and I’m no transcedentalist.  I have been a little down lately, guess those wintertime blues that seem to come hand in hand with the northeastern climate have finally found me at a vulnerable time.  I suppose I just am going through that stupid teenage angst phase where I am having a constant pity party, but in all truth, I just wish I knew other people understood me.  I wish people kept there plans, and I wish people were spontaneous.  I wish I had someone I could just lean on, someone who would be there in the dead of night to tell me that morning is approaching, someone to accompany me to Sunday mornings at Arabica with books, film, and smiles. 





someone buy me stockings please!



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