wintertime silences


It’s been a while, and as always, I fill this site with empty apologies.  The internet’s been down, and the only time I ever find myself blogging is during Biology, which is obviously looked down upon when I should be doing labs and spread sheets and all that jazz- however, I feel like I should blog, because quite frankly, I miss it.  So lately, I haven’t been doing much, besides school, work, and studying.  It’s starting to get monotonous and tiring and just plain bland.  I have four days left until February Break, which I’m very much looking forward to- even though I don’t have exciting plans of any sorts.  I’m going down to Emerson to tour the school and meet with the English Department, but that’s not something that  I have a desire to do.  I bought a new camera this past weekend, a Ricoh! It’s great and old and takes film…although that is just another expense, plus the flashbar.

But overall, costing me only $8 and in good condition, I was very happy with this! ALONG with my new camera, I got a book on Existentialism, which I am quite enjoying.  This week couldn’t end soon enough- I’m so sick of this commercialized school.  It’s not even my classmates anymore, it’s my professors, they’re all smart, but they DON’T teach, and I’m feeling jipped out of my education.  This is the first time since 5th grade that I’ve actually been unhappy at school- the only thing I can do to change this is not attend PHS anymore and move myself to a private school.  I just may do that, in fact, senior year I won’t be at this school, I can guarantee that.  This weekend promises to be nice.  Not because it’s Valentine’s Day- I really don’t care for commercialized anything, let alone commercialized love, something I especially don’t care for.  But I’m going to a kickass party Saturday, and then Sunday, my A is redoing my room hopefully to resemble the above or the below, and in exchange, I am cooking a full dinner and dessert with rose champagne, bob dylan, and Thelma and Louise.  I’m lookin’ forward to that….then I suppose I will work a few days next week before heading to Cambridge from Wednesday-Sunday.  I hope to finish a bunch of books and go to Oona’s and eat some cupcakes and go to the Elephant Walk or maybe Reginas.  Whatever I do in Cambridge, my life seems to be a bit better than usual.  Other than that, I’m just glad to get away from these people- to get away from their drama and immaturity and expose myself to the worthwhile.  I miss M so much, it’s borderline ridiculous.  I generally am not the type who has a best friend, but Meredith has proved herself to be invaluable, and I can’t get over the fact that she’s my best friend.  It’s sad that she lives so far away, but I’m lucky to have someone I can depend on.


Anyway, tis what I felt like yesterday…


Maybe if I had someone I could do that to, I wouldn’t feel that way as often as I do.  Bless me please, and give me the strength to go on surviving at PHS for the next four days.

Ever yours,



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