debate.org dwellers or 2nd grade teachers?

Good morning! It’s a lovely February isn’t it? I don’t really like the month of February just like I don’t care for the month of October, but soon enough, we shall embark on the Spring adventure.  This morning when I logged on to debate.org, I became aware of the snobby group of pseudo intellects that encompass the site.  One comments on spelling- which is hard to believe, because as many know, I’m not one who types accurately, thus, I often have typos in my cases/blog posts, whatever it is I post.  Its not that I’m angry about the comment on my spelling, it’s more so a disbelief of how immature these pseudo intellects actually are.  Yes, I do pride myself in my intelligence and my class rank, yes, I often only associate myself with those at the same level as me, and yes, I am an intellectual snob, but these people, these “debate-dwellers” lack maturity.  The correction of spelling is not a job for debaters, its a job for a second grade teacher- and because of that, I felt and imsense amount of sympathy for these debate dwellers.  I wonder whether or not they can hold their own in a real round? I doubt they can, seeing as in LD you don’t see your opponents case- you hear it.  What, one of these debate dwellers is going to say during their cross-x, excuse me, do you mind if I hold your case a moment so I can proof read for spelling errors, and use that in place of my attacks on your contentions? Well, my opponents spells the word egalitarianism wrong- and because of that it can’t be counted as her value.  I’m sorry, but this sort of this bothers me, and the lack of maturity is one the one thing that plagues me! Anyone who expresses that sort of behavior immediately is disregarded in my head- so if you want my respect, you better act mature.d


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