i love you Sunday.


this just reminds me of my adolescence.  oh how i loved, where the wild things are. I’m sorry for my lack of blogging, it’s almost mid years, and I had a debate tournament yesterday- and I got home at 7, watch two episodes of seinfeld and then went to bed at 8pm! a recap of yesterday? I placed first in LD, and I also won a Friederich Nietzche doll! It was such a fantastic day- Economic sanctions ought not be used to achieve foreign policy objectives. I butchered that topic- turned it into a well are there any other alternatives that are effective or not costly? I negated it 4 times, amd affirmed twice, and overall, I feel connected to the topic. But I don’t want to just talk about Lincoln-Douglass, I’d love to tell you about other things. Two of my very close friends just lost an uncle, so my condolences and love go out to them, back in 2009, I lost my father, so I’ve mourned, and am still in mourning, with two very close friends experiencing the same pain, I hope that they stay strong throughout their journey. Today- I’m meeting my uncle and aunt for breakfast, and then going to study some for my english and math midyears. Tomorrow, I’m off to Cambrige. Twice in 10 days, that’s beautfiul, its how my life should be. And then this upcoming week- an exam every day, (besides tomorrow) and then on Friday a pretty dope party, Saturday a debate, and Sunday- catching up with homework due monday. No work, just studying. I’m okay with that. Sometimes I need these sorts of weeks and reality checks. Trout has met Sassy- and sometimes theyre nice to one another, sometimes theyre mean. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan and a ton of Revolver. Hilltop Hoods still make the countdown, and an addition to my listening? NPR Podcasts. I’m lazy, and haven’t had time to check Pitchfork or anything else- plus Itunes is being lame. What are your Sunday plans? I’ll take photos tomorrow and post them shortly. Hope all is well! Please keep my friends in your hearts.

Ever yours,


here are some things I like at the moment!



I watched the Hangover the other evening- i’m sorry but that was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, cliche, YES, i know, but so so good, when I desperately needed a laugh!




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