we were spittin’ venom

not quite sure what to write…

Things I like:

the infinite symbol, my cats, vinyl, old school bikes, cappucinos, spaghetti, polaroids, vintage luggage, philosophy, the sea, atmospheric type places, wise beyond year kinda kids, irises, taking photos, being friends, canolis, burt’s bees, cult films, sleeping late, staying up late, it was the best of times- it was the worst of times, utopias, bobby dylan, dark hair with green eyes, sick beats, paint pens, moleskines, quenching my thirst, salvies, garment district, oona’s, elvis costello, gentlemen in three piece suits, pocket watches, le langue d’amour, pebbles, rasberries, organic farms in africa, incense, russia, nietzche, seahorses, great works of literature, boots, red matte lippy, a good glass of champagne, camraderie, surprise parties, parties with stupid excuses, dark times 3, typewriters, harmonicas, toy stores, personal libraries, clues, pluperfect endings, then 10 commandments of the intellects, bein’ bold, powows, sippin’ lemonade on porches, reading dirty gossip magz, ghetto blasters, dream catchers, frank zappa, creepin, communism, flannels (sheets, shirts, undies), the battle of troy patterned fabric, dance parties at 2am with company, lookbook, teacups, rainy days, lazy days, nightime days, not knowing what day it is, edgar allen poe, calling boys dreamy, pretending i live in the 1960s, hating on hipsters, knowledge, the moulin rouge, being amarous of people, trying to make new friends, big glasses of orange juice, my grandmother, drawin’, and accordians.

what i don’t like:

incompetence, wastes of time, not being able to purchase polaroid film, lushes, and ice.


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