if only i could ride my schwinn in the snow,

basically my room situation at the moment…


good morning! it’s kinda early for me, is it not? 6:33am? Well, I suppose I’ll key you in- my baby kitten- Trout, woke me up at 5am, so I’ve been making myself busy what with checking grades, facebook, etc. but now I’m blogging, and that’s what matters! Troutie is kinda relentless and doesn’t like it when I leave her alone for more than an hour. She’s terrified of my laptop but she likes Bob Dylan and Brody Dalle so that’s a plus! She’s so adorable! I almost forgot to mention that. She still hasn’t met Sassy-Cat but the day will come soon enough, trust me…I never wake up at 5am, that’s a big no-no in my book.

I stayed home from classes yesterday, as well as work, because I was rather tired, and sick and Trout couldn’t be left alone, but I’m headed to class today, as well as Debate, which is not going to be fun or anything because I need to write my Aff & Neg cases for the Jan-Feb Topic. The entire team has to actually, which is just a sign that we shouldn’t be going to this weekend’s debate. Trout is lookin’ out my window at seagulls, its like she’s never heard or seen them before. She doesn’t like sleeping too much and she enjoys playing in her litterbox. But I love her nonetheless! She is good at snuggling. I wish it was a snowday today- I don’t even know the next time its supposed to snow… do you?

Now Trout’s got all the incense ash on her face, which is white so she looks mangy and sooty. This is wonderful! I’m going to go drink a smoothie- get dressed, and go to school! Maybe tea in the afternoon after debate, but I highly doubt it…I’ll miss Trout and Sassy too much.

OH NO! My cats are starting to consume my life…this isn’t foreshadowing, is it? Lookbook will be updated within the next 14 days, I know that’s a lengthy time span, but its a realistic one. Mid-years are next Tuesday-Friday, so I won’t be blogging or anything during those times. But if lookbook isn’t updated this week, it will be Saturday January 22?

Ever yours,



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