you’re like long division. orly?

who said anything ’bout diets?

bonjour mes comrades! As I promised in my last post, I am giving you the ld, because I’ve been MIA for the past three days. So I suppose updates are in order and all that jazz. But I’m going to start with today seeing as its still fresh in my mind. I woke up in my bed in Maine and felt incredibly sick, achey, you know, everything one feels before getting the flu or a cold. I woke up a bunch last night coughing because I forgot to turn the heat off and I have a hard time sleeping when its really dry in the apartment. Anyway, in addition to the sick feeling my earlobe was KILLING. I was wearing my tiffany heart earrings and they caused my earlobe to swell and ache and even bleed- who knew that Tiffany’s was capable of causing that atrocity!? I sure didn’t. And anyway, my ear has been bothering me, but I don’t want them to close up so I’m just drenching them in Bactine. Anyway, we took the bus to Boston, and arrived in JP, then drove to Dedham where I spent an hour or two in U.O. for EO! I only ended up purchasing a dress and a shirt, but I am madly in love with the dress- it fits like a dream, oh so dreamy- this is the dress:

continuing with the trend of today; we drove back to JP and relaxed and then headed into Back Bay where we went out- just the 6 of us to Bouchee, and we split les escargot, steak frites, profiteroles, cappucinos, et les baguettes aussi! it was nice, being in company of family and so forth. tomorrow promises to be nice too- I’m venturing into Harvard & Kendall Squares to visit Oona’s and the Garment District for some A+ Vintage thrifting. I hope to find some vinyl too, but I’m not going to push it. But prior to my venturing, we shall be having a beautiful brunch with mimosas, frittatas, carbohydrates, and strawberries. In Maine, I will meet my new kitten! Vashti/Erikat/Eggroll/Marilyn, and go to the gym. I also do have studying to do, and on Monday I’m working, Tuesday classes, debate, Wednesday, classes, interview, appointment, Thursday, classes, A Tale of Two Cities with Ac Deca, and Friday, classes, work, celebration- the weekend entails: studying, debating, sleeping, and MLKJ Day! January is incredibly busy for me, but when Exams end, I will be in the clear for sometime, that is until the week before February break- however I’m trying to plan an escape down to Florida. I have not updated lookbook lately…shame on me! But I have a valid excuse- no camera, no current pictures! Lookbook is not dead! In fact, its quite alive, just on a vacation.

What have I been inspired by lately?

kennedy holmes- a boston blogger who has lovely fashion sense.


summertime soirees– o! i cannot wait until vitamins and i have our powows and all that!


makes me miss photo-ing.

I’m in love…with bobby. I CAN’T SING EITHER.

Have you guys listened to Jens yet? He’s incredible. And edible. Heh. But no, he’s worth a good try- mix him with bobby and some vashti and you’ll be in la-la-land for quite sometime. I have somethings I need to get done this week- ie pick up somethings on my “to-pick-up-list” (incense, double a’s, zee avi, etc)


 who wants to go on a shooting excursion with me? photos…of course.


i wonder if bela can do this to my hair? that reminds me…hot rollers on their way?

I went to salvies this week and scored on some vinyl! earth, wind, and fire, and uh the boss again. i am going to go there in a few weeks and spend some time shifting through the racks- they had some nice pencil skirts last time. I also bought a dragon robe! I might’ve mentioned this before but I love it! I wear it around the house 24/7. Also I haven’t taken off my hunter boots since I got them, I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! this is of course with bobby dylan, che guevara, and edgar allen poe.

I’m so tired, my throat feels progressively worse, I’m achey and hoping Monday will be a sick day! Goodnight to you blog world.

Ever yours,



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