anyone need some che? i don’t share my men.

today’s movie was: the motorcycle diaries- and i liked it because i like che. but…it left me hangin’ at the end, which is rather irritating if you do ask. i just experienced this with sherlock holmes too…and I hate cliff hanger endings. they didn’t even go on to explain che’s revolution in cuba- thankfully I have my che bible to look forward to finishing along with my Poe bible. All these men in my life are simply coming from books- I suppose that is the safest way seeing as in real life you just can’t trust the opposite sex no matter how much you’d like to. because trust me, I’D LIKE TO, I just cannot. I’d also like to find a boy, but i’m in no state for looking, and why ought I look? they ought to look for me. but until then, i’ll continuing having my affairs with che & poe. if anyone wants to advise against that, well just know that i’m not one to change my opinion. moving on…

hell sucked. i hated going back, it’s not like i wanted to see any of these self-righteous assholes. they all walk down the halls like they own the place, and sure they do, matching hollister shirts and all, but if they think that everyone should like them, well they’re sorely mistaken. i can tolerate them, but inside i try my hardest not to even talk to them. but they’re the least of my worries. I just hate spending 8+hrs a day with people I have nothing in common with, but that’s life, so I’m moving on.

Last night’s movie…. MOULIN ROUGE! SO SO GOOD. I have a review, and here’s how it goes:

review of moulin rouge

well, let me say before december 24th, I had no desire to see moulin rouge or chicago, but I am quite glad i saw moulin rouge. musicals bore me- unless its a classic, but moulin rouge…wow, the filmography was spectacular. the angles, colors, amd contrast basically made the movie for me. nicole kidman does a phenomenal job acting as always, but what i liked especially is her ability to keep the audience guessing- i had no idea what she was thinking half the time, she was insane, but sane… she was sensitive, yet insensitive, humble, yet pompous, greedy yet selfless. the script was great- and the takes on songs were great- incase you didn’t know, this film is supposed to take place in 1899, but the women at moulin rouge cover songs like: roxanne by the police, like a virgin by madonna, and countless others. i thoroughly enjoyed the film, it was entertaining every moment, but if you didn’t pay attention, you’d quickly lose your idea of the film, so keep your eyes and ears open, quirkiness is abundant, and why would you want to miss any of that.


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