the crew was chewed alive. i don’t know how i survived.

i want to toss you overboard.

now everyone knows me as a multitasker! So hush, this post has more than one reason- listed? you want to know? okay… quiet down, 2010’s first mixtape, things i can’t get out of my head, plans for the week, and movie of the day, plus a review of yesterdays…

alright, so let me begin with my day today.. well, i stayed up for quite some time last night, because I was experiencing insomnia… so I didn’t get to bed until close to three, and I woke up around 10am and ended up not going to work, instead I stayed home with A & kate, and we sipped green tea out of our new teapot, and we listened to the beatles, burnt a lot of incense (I need to buy more, it’s on my to-do list this week) and bashed all the men in our lives. later we drove up to ruskis in the blizzard where I treated my dear family to a late lunch, i can’t get over how delicious their fried chicken is… but I’m trying to be healthy because I’m always so tired and I bruise…ahem, anemic! But I’m not supposed to say that…oh I cooked breakfast too. Anyway, we came home and danced to Madonna and BEPs, and then watched Madmen. My wifi has been down since last night, but I think I fixed it… I’m so psyched for next weekend- we’re going to Boston to celebrate my birthday with P and M, and it’s a girl’s weekend which is fantastic. I should make a trip to Oona’s and perhaps Garment District.. but Urban needs to be visited too. Hm, so besides the Madonna and BEP soundtrack, today I’ve been listening to a lot of The Decemberists which is somewhat surprising because I don’t find them to be that good. They’re mediocre, and the sound isn’t always ear-pleasing, but I’ve been balancing them out with reggae. Ok, so I should continue with the rest of the post. Today was my last day of vacation- so that means I have to go back to school and I have to go back to work, even though I really don’t want to. Tonight: correcting a math test, and watching Moulin Rouge, with a bath included. I have classes everyday this week, I’m looking forward to Wednesday because we get out early and K & her kids are coming intown around four to help me celebrate my birthday…RIGHT, 1/6/10 is my birthday, so I’m incredibly excited, I have a meeting tomorrow for the youth council I’m on…and Tuesday I think I’m seeing Annie, and I’m working on Thursday, and Friday I’m leaving to go to Boston. I am hoping I get a vintage suitcase and a red dress from etsy for my birthday. My mom bought me another piercing, so I’ll get that done Wednesday, and hopefully Bela will do my hair soon! Ok… 

I watched Virgin Suicides yesterday, day two of January, and let me just say that it definitely makes my list of dark humors, it was quite good, a cross between Harold & Maude, the Heathers, and I don’t even know what. I liked it much better than St. Elmo’s fire, but we’ll see tonight, Moulin Rouge has Nicole Kidman, and I like her a lot. Kirsten Dunst was in Virgin Suicides, and I don’t care for her, but she’s very good in the movie. Tomorrow I am going to watch the Motorcycle Diaries- and I’m so excited, Che Guevara is a huge inspiration and fascination of mine- just like Al Capone, but Al Capone isn’t an inspiration- just a fascination!

mixed tape no. 1 ’10

side a:
baby it’s you- smith
for emma- bon iver
dreams-come-true-girl- cass mcombs
people- andrew jackson jihad
red rabbits- the shins (just got this on vinyl)
tear off your own head (it’s a doll revolution)- elvis costello
up in arms- foo fighters
bukowski- modest mouse
i saw her in the anti war demonstration- jens lekman

side b:
king of carrot flowers- neutral milk hotel
hummingbird- wilco (hopefully going to concert in montreal!)
sweet little sixteen- the beatles
nugget- CAKE
darling- zee avi
the nosebleed section- hilltop hoods
cheap thrills- frank zappa
get around town- revolver
the mariner’s revenge song- the decemberists

this is zee avi- ecoutez-la!

Movie of the day?


moulin rouge.

i’m tired. i’ll post tomorrow.

ever yours,



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