I still owe you for that hole in your floor, don’t I?

I woke up in complete sadness, simply because vacation is almost over, thus meaning I’m on the brink of reality. That’s the last thing I need as of now, but today was nice nonetheless. Ought I tell you what I did.? I guess I should. I went to the bank and cashed a check, and then let’s see, I rented three movies, (fyi, today’s movie? virgin suicides) and came home, nestled on my day couch and listened to the beatles. After nagging from A, I got up and we went to lunch- sushi, which was great, I hadn’t had sushi for a week! Following our delicious meal, we went to Soakology, and got foot soaks, mine was milk and honey, boy do my feet feel soft, and A’s was a peppermint cleanse. I got my skinny jeans stuck when I rolled them up and I was really nervous I was going to pop a vein, because I didn’t blog about this yesterday, but I have this nasty bruise, I don’t know how I got it, but the vein burst and its all brown and purple, I look a tad bit like Nancy if you catch my drift- so anyway I decided that I’m anemic, because I don’t know how I got the bruise and I never get enough iron so that’s the common sense solution! After soaking, we got tea and went thrifting. I was successful, I came home with my japanese dragon robe that i’ve been eye-ing for sometime, as well as a boat sweater (vintage!) and a cute white lacey top perfect for pencil skirts and heels. Tonight I’m making curry I think, and I need to make a phone call… I really have to, and then watch the movie, but I think I’ll make that call after the movie, because I’m procrastinating- can’t you tell!?


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