let’s listen to some of those ill beatz.

happy new year! has 2010 brought anything new to you yet? well… certainly not here, but so begins the movie-a-day january. something i’ve been meaning to explain for sometime, however,  I suppose the title is somewhat self-explanatory. Today’s movie? st. elmo’s fire! I’m gonna start it soon & watch it with sassy. New Year’s Eve wasn’t too exciting, in fact, all I did was babysit and go to my friend A’s house and listened to the radio for quite sometime. I think the holiday is blown out of proportion anyway, so que sera, sera. I’m really lazy today, and I’d like to just stay home watch films, spend time with a, (different a) and relax…chances of that happening aren’t too high though. what happens when a teen disrespects a parent? cold shoulder- certainly what I’m gonna get today. These are some favorite pretty photos, and maybe even some from my party may appear…

happy birfday to me!

trois gateaux


so pretty ballerina kitty!

movie of the day

hello lover boy- didya miss me?? i missed you!

cute couple…bleh!

i’ll post that review sooner or later–> check out local necessities!

ever yours,



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