and to end the decade…

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its insane to think that its the end of a decade, the end of an era if you will. what has the ’00s brought? what do the kids who grew up during this time posess that those who grew up in the 90s do not? I don’t really know… we’re all attached to technology- that’s for certain. Pop culture as always rules our lives, and communication has been cut to a minimum. I logged on to my facebook today and saw 797 friends- are they really all my friends? How many of them would do me a favor if I asked them to? Not all 797, that’s for certain. I feel like I’ve been brought up with the idea that says the more peope you know the better off you’ll be, but I’m not sure if I agree with that…at all. I’ve been thinking an awful lot lately about who my real friends are and what they mean to me, and I really don’t think that climbing the social ladder ought to be the main goal of adolescents now. I’d rather invest in those I care for. I often don’t do inspirational or personal thought kinda posts, but I just realized that the ’00s have made me feel disconnected from my fellow man. Intriguing- yeah? Not really, many of my friends feel the same way, and I’m wondering how you’re feeling? So I’m going to post a few things on Enfinoui today, mainly my goals/resolutions for ’10, comments on yesterday, and a reprise of the past decade. Also a sneak peek into my current project that starts tomorrow.

what are your plans for bringing in the new year?


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