zeus was a womanizer!

hi dearies! it’s been a while since I blogged. I waaaaaas going to last evening however, when it came time, I was tired and my wifi was weak, so I didn’t really…blog. as you can see. updates. its time for updates!

I have decided that I am going to sew my sailors dress because I can’t find one on ebay, etsy, or any vintage shoppe around here, so my last resort is picking up a needle and thread, and finding a pattern. if I can’t find a pattern, I suppose I’ll just wing it. but that’s okay, because tomorrow I’m going fabric shopping and everything.

This is what fabric I shall use:

My birthday is coming up! I’m so excited. Wednesday is my entire day of celebrating, although january 6th is my real birthday. On wednesday I am planning a small get together with some great friends, that ought to last 13hrs. I plan on getting lunch, walking around the old port, coming home and watching a movie, eating some delicious cake (i’m baking two or three…) a chocolate banana cake, a chocolate cake with strawberries, and a lemon coconut cake. I think I’ll post recipes when I’m done with those. Oh, after cake, I think we’re gonna drive to a beach and sit around and talk and dance and all that jazz, and then we’ll finish the night off with the late show of Sherlock Holmes…which looks amazing!

I cleaned my room, and I got rid of a lot. I bought new records, movies, and books. I am reading the new Nylon and the new Vogue, and I am listening to Sufjan. I painted a bit today. I burnt a lot of incense. I am going to take a bath. I am going to read a lot of Che and a lot of Edgar Allen Poe tonight.

MY CAT is scratching my door…and I think I should open it. she is now on my bed. My hair is growing longer, which is good, because Bela can cut it soon and dye it. I’ve told you about my new hair right? THICK SIDE SWEPT FRINGE, a little longer than shoulder length hair, evened out, a little shaggy but not too many layers, blueblack. cannot wait. 2010 will be full of new things. i really cannot wait. i’m not sure how I’m welcoming the new year/decade, but i am going to keep thinking. Erikat is going to come home really soon, which will be so lovely. i cannot wait for that dear kitten. i think tomorrow i also need to update lookbook, and perhaps try the red matte and thick liner look out.

goodnight bloggers.

ever yours,



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